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Gaara One-shot: Hidden Behind The Mask

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Name: Aeon Miller (Seductive Killer) Nickname: Tuffy (tough or strong) Best-friend: Temari



Age: 17 Rank: ANBU IQ: 170 Birth: January 06 Hidden Village: Leaf


Looks: 5’6” dark skinned girl with jet-black hair that goes to her back in a high ponytail. Nice curves with a six-pack but not too visible too see and crystal blue eyes. She has fangs. The outfit is in all black: a jacket that reaches under ...

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Sasuke One-shot: Detention

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I am anything, but ordinary. I can be really dark and serious at times, like mature when I need to be. I am really into poetry and reading, which is when I get so deep. Yet I'm also very hyper and fun. Just remember I have a short-temper, can be sarcastic and a [email protected]$$ at time, along with being super sweet. I have an ordinary appearance, weird huh? You know, normal curves, pretty, but not beautiful in some eyes, brown hair, with dark blue eyes, only thing that stands out. My name is Suzuki S...

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Sasuke One-shot: Good-Bye

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You're Pov


I'm that one simple, boring girl that is too nice and gives everything, but never asks for anything. I have no emotions, that could go crazy easily, but have always remained hidden. Yes, I am Hikari Akuma.




A few years ago you betrayed your home, the place where heart, hopes, and dreams were. But it was all for him. It was worth it. You wouldn't h...

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Just So You Know: Song Fic

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I shouldn't love you but I want to

I just can't turn away

I shouldn't see you but I can't move

I can't look away

I saw the happiness in Julia’s azure eyes, gleaming more than normal because of the blood colored roses in front of her. Then he, Drew, her boyfriend, placed a soft, innocent kiss on her full, pink lips. Her smile widened, obviously she liked the surprise. I felt my heart break, and any emotion I onc...

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