Darkest Shadow



Posted by Andrea on August 29, 2011 at 2:25 AM

Verse 1:
Can I have the honor to say “I love you”?
I hope to one day hear you say “I do”
I’m waiting (waiting)
For this day,
I’m remembering our past
‘Cause I know this future’s fading (fading)
But we know it would never last


So here I am, crying (crying)
To save my happiness
‘Cause I can hear it screaming (screaming)
For someone to help
Oh, woah, but what can I do?
I know you’re waiting, too!
Waiting for the day I’m leaving (leaving)


Verse 2:
Why is everything so unfair?
Just ripped away as soon as you get it
Oh, I guess this is my share
For thinking (thinking)
For believing (believing)
That you could brighten my days
But I fell into your games




Verse 3:
I’m lying on the floor,
Broken and used
‘Cause you won and I loosed
In a game I wasn’t playing (playing)
But it seemed you hadn’t really won
Since you were cheating (cheating)
Only lying (lying)




Verse 4:
I wish I saw it was an act
But I guess I was dreaming (dreaming)
‘Cause you weren’t seeming (seeming)
Like a chance for a mistake
Still, I finally found out I was wrong
And it didn’t even matter how much it hurt,
You weren’t good for me all along.




Verse 5:
So look at my heart
Do you see it breaking (breaking)?
Can you feel how much it’s aching (aching)?
How it’s falling apart?
It’s ‘cause you were faking (faking)
But even though it’s such a horrible start
It was how my happiness was saved and began

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