Darkest Shadow


My Happily Ever After

Posted by Andrea on May 7, 2011 at 3:16 PM

This is my happily ever after
But that doesn’t mean it’s a great end
Because I loved being so close
Yet wanted you more than a friend
Over and over I tell myself to forget
All the romantic feelings I hold
Each time I fail, making me fall harder
I wish I had went up to you and told
No matter how stupid you can be
Even if blind, it’s possible to see
Because it’s all super obvious
Yet I still don’t feel like I’m free
I wish you felt the same sometimes
Even though you don’t make me hurt
It can still be such a pain in the ass
To watch you constantly flirt
So, I got jealous, but only one time
And now I no longer am envious
Of that girl, who isn’t really all special
Because you managed fill my emptiness
I wish I could make you feel as happy
As you make me feel everyday
But that would be next to impossible
Because in my world there’s no gray
Still, this is my happily ever after
And officially I’m the only one winning
With you getting nothing in return
In a way, though, I still am loosing
I am so close, only a little too far
But that distance is enough to make
Me not able to achieve the great end
And put everything I have at stake
If I take that last, but huge step
I could ruin everything we share
Go down to not exchanging a word
Since I’m the only one that cares
Even though, I would be happier
If we were to someday become more
I want to thank you for all you’ve done
Because I am no longer falling to the floor
Crying, with my over used tears
Thank you, for banishing my fears
I’ll admit it, you could’ve gone further
And make my joy go beyond
The impossible it has already done

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