Darkest Shadow


Give and Take

Posted by Andrea on May 7, 2011 at 3:20 PM

Why is something taken
As soon as it's given?
God, why have you forsaken
Me and no one else?
I know I'm easily driven
To go after my wants,
But it's so hard to awaken
From this nightmare
And back into my dream.
To you it may seem
Easy, but this scare
Holds my biggest fears.
Showing me weak,
And bathed in my own tears.
It brings out my fragile side.
The one who is meek
And every night cried.
Inside I am torn,
My heart; shattered and burned
But the saddest part:
I caused it all.
Why did the devil call
And tempt me with wrong?
I thought I was strong,
Or at least enough
To resist temptation.
But his persuation,
His words and charm
Got me to give in so quick.
Nothing rang, until my alarm
Went offonce it was done,
After he had his fun.
I was too weak
So instead he won.
Now I'm just some freak
Who's left all broken,
Thrown on the floor and forgotten.
I fell for his trick
So now I'm paying for it.
He watched for some time,
Making a careful pick,
Only then he chose to strike
And got me to do the crime.
Though I did like
Letting my guard down
The results weren't worth it.
So I lay here as I drown
In my river of tears.
All because of that mistake
I chose to make.
If only I didn't take
The wrong trail
And got lost in the maze.
I guess I always fail
Going through the hard phase.
I must learn my place
All over again.
First, there's this sin
That I have to fix
And this time I will win,
Even with all the complications
Tossed into the mix.
Now I know how to deal
With these situations.
All I need is time,
Time to work and heal.
Leave me alone, Satan!
You have already made
My nightmares turn real
And my last bit of
Confidence begin to fade.
Just leave me here
To die covered in shame.
I feel completely stupid
And totally lame,
As I desperately try to clear
Away all these errors.
I loose more faith
Because I make no progress.
As I do more,
The good becomes less.
Too good to be true.
My life was a dream,
And dreams stay dreams.
I hope the day comes
That I fully redeem
Myself with all the effort.
But I can never get
My "first" anything back.
My life is already set
By the destiny I created.
God once had me gated,
But I finally escaped,
Only to end up being raped.
I broke my parents' rules
And decided to sneak out.
This is when all is taken,
When I was completely forsaken.
The moon shone full
As I took the wrong route.
The man was ugly and cruel,
Slamming me against the wall.
My body went numb with pain,
Drops of blood starting to fall.
My tears pured down my face like rain
While my innocence was torn away.
I am ashamed about that,
Ashamed that I chose wrong over right.
I walked into his trap
Without putting up a fight.
Now, thanks to my mishap
Darkness is taking over my light.
The moon that shone bright
Quickly faded on that faithful night.
The stars began to disappear
As the sunrise came near.
My head throbbed,
While I lay there, beaten and bruised
As I quietly sobbed,
About being used.

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