Darkest Shadow


Who I Am

Posted by Andrea on July 1, 2011 at 2:01 AM

I face everyday like I have no past,
Like today might be my last
Because all that counts is who I am now
And who I will be tomorrow.
So why do you need to hear about before,
I don’t have to tell you any more
Because there’s nothing else you have to know.
I am no mystery,
You know everything from since you met me.
There’s no more to tell
I have nothing left to say,
It only matters who I am today.
My history isn’t locked away
It’s just something that doesn’t have to be out,
That no one has to know about.
Just decide who I am
Based on what you learn from me
Because whatever you’ll hear
Is only a complete scam.
They’ll tell you stuff to make you disappear
But in reality you have nothing to fear.
My past is bruised and stained
So I don’t have to share
Because you don’t have to hear about my pain,
Don’t have to listen to me complain.
And since you were never there
I have nothing to explain.
Just use this time to figure me out
And you’ll see what you can discover
Only with the eyes of a lover
You can realize the truth behind the lies.
And it might come as a surprise
That underneath my tough exterior,
Loud laughter and wide smiles
I have an inside that’s inferior.
It has always been hidden and ulterior
Because it’s where I’m weak and fragile,
Here I’m delicate and frail.
It’s where my biggest secrets rest
Filled with every detail,
Constantly being suppressed.
Underneath, I really am depressed.
But I never expressed
Because I didn’t want to protest.
Yes, my body and mind would constantly ache
Yet I thought I wouldn’t be a bother
If I made my life a ‘perfect’ fake.
You found the truth,
You worked hard and dug deep for years
Only for me to breakdown in tears.
Without you, I wouldn’t know who I am
For I would’ve forgotten what was real.
Which part could still show affection?
Thanks to you, I’ll accept the section
That’s only an imperfection.
Now I can recognize my own reflection,
Be happy with who I see in the mirror
As my life becomes clearer.
Honestly, though, you’ll never know who I am
Because not even I know the whole story.
So, you can study you’re whole life
But when it comes to me, you’ll fail the exam.

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