Darkest Shadow


Who's the One

Posted by Andrea on July 2, 2011 at 1:46 PM

I miss the feeling of love
Being as light as air
And having happiness to share.
But I guess times change
And people don’t stay the same.
I want to have something to remember,
To be able to be together.
Time passes as my urge grows,
Because there’s something you have to know
You’re the one.
Yet deep down in my heart
I don’t who actually won,
Who I’m really talking to
But I bet that it’s you,
And you know it, too.
There’s always been something there
But neither of us would ever dare
To ask, “Do you feel, what I feel?”
It was easier to just brush it away
And pretend that it wasn’t real.
Now next to you I stand
Yet I’m not holding your hand
Because I’m the third wheel.
My feelings are all gone
But somehow it’s impossible to move on.
I’ve come back to land,
No longer so light,
No longer so bright.
I try my best to be polite
But there’s something not right.
She’s going to end up breaking you apart
And I’ll have to pick up the pieces of our heart.
You know, this is a horrible start
This isn’t how to mend
You can’t just be happy
Because we all know it’s only pretend.
She’s using you,
But, let me guess, you always knew.
Still, she did cheat
As you became obsolete.
Like I said, you’ll be in pain
And feel incomplete.
Let me tell you, you’ll feel dumb
And realize the idiot you’ve become.
But, it’s okay
Because you made me realize
That the person I’m talking to
Is right before my eyes.

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