Darkest Shadow

Accepting Suspection - L x OC

I don't blame L for suspecting me as helping Kira. It looks bad since I have been saying just before all this "how I should get rid of all the shit in this world". But I could never, and it must pain L to have to lock up one of his few friends.

All Guys Are Dogs - Jacob Black x OC

"What makes you think that every guy is just some dog, Alex?" "Jacob, I was raped. And every guy around here turning into one, doesn't help."

Death is Fairer than Life - Edward Elric x OC

Sarah Baker died the night Ed and Al tried to bring their mother back. It was futile to save her, but they still tried. When they meet a dual Sarah Baker Ed tries to tell her that it's her, but she won't trust anyone. Sometimes death is fairer than life.

His Favorite Challange - Kyoya Otori x OC

Kimmi Sato just screams secretive. It is impossible to tell what she is thinking, and she's careful not to give away too much. Kyoya is intrigued by her; he can't figure her out, but he needs--and wants--to figure her out. And that's just what she wants.

It's Only a Surprise if You Didn't Know - Sasuke Uchiha x OC

No one seems to believe that I was able to survive the Uchiha Massacre. But why wouldn't I? I am just as strong--if not stronger--than my brothers. And that is exactly why this foolish village has so much to learn.

Life On Earth - Sebastian x OC

Life isn't really that exciting. At least not until I met Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaels. From the second I saw the raven haired butler, life was sure got more fun.

I always knew I'd end up in hell. I knew it, I knew it! I just never thought it'd be this way. And I definitely never thought there'd be a sexy, red eyed demon next to me. Yupp, this is heaven.

Not a Burden - Alviss x OC

I thought Alviss would've forgotten me. On the contrary, he's worried. But he's got so much else to handle: Ginta, his curse, killing Phantom, and the Chess Pieces. I don't know if I should tell him. I'm not going to add another burden on his shoulders.

More Than Meets The Eye - Neji Hyuuga x OC

"So, Neji, your saying it's impossible to escape your 'destiny'? Guess what? I DID! I'm done taking your shit! I don't care if you have 'all seeing eyes'! Have you ever heard the saying "more than meets the eye"? No, huh? I swear, you and Uchiha are blind!"

Playing Along - Hikaru Hitachiin x OC

People would suspect Miya Watari to be just as crazy as her cousin Tamaki. And they're right. Hikaru and Kaoru are happy to have another toy to play with, but they weren't expecting her to play along.

So Much Left to Prove - Light Yagami x OC

Rukia Kimura was just another person in the way of Kira, but when used the notebook to get rid of her...she survived. L thinks she's dead, while Light uses her brainwash to his advantage.

Warm Ice - Toushiro Hitsugaya x OC

Yumiko Sato has always worshiped Hitsugaya-taichou. After all, he is a child prodigy and her inspiration to become a shinigami. Now, her dream is coming true when she's assigned to squad 10. Expecting a warm welcome, is she in for a surprise when she walks through the ice captain's doors.

What Am I? - Kyo Sohma x OC

"Everyone in the zodiac is unique, which is good to an extent. The cat is different, which is...bad. I'm even more of an outcast. I'm some 'rare wolf', that gets possessed every full moon. So, where does that put me?"

Why Do You Care? - Gaara x OC

With one glance I could tell that Gaara had an evil power. It must've of come with a price: being alone and unwanted. Though I didn't have to approach Gaara that day, I did. - "Why are you like this?" "Why do you care?" "Because I can, you deserve it."

You're Not the Only One with a Secret - Zero Kiryu x OC

Without even knowing, Sayomi is hiding everything on purpose. After loosing her memories she only remembers her first name and race. Though being extremely intelligent, she has yet to realize someone right in front of her is hiding a secret.